Monday, March 14, 2011

Final Blog

Throughout the course of this term my studies in Media have broadened. Not only have I learned a variety of ways that media can be used to inform and communicate, but I have put it to the test.

Just yesterday I received a  friendship request on Facebook from my biological father who I have not had any communication with since I was five or six years old. As soon as I saw the name I immediately fell to tears.
Mike is his name and he immediately commented on a picture of my brother and I . At first I thought....what a crappy way to come back into someone's life over Facebook......but that soon changed.

I realized that Facebook is the perfect outlet for a situation like this. Not only do I not have to interact in person (which could get me into trouble considered I have a few choice words for the man) but I have the ability to "creep" on him to see if I want to further any sort of communication with him. He seems like a totally normal guy who lives a somewhat normal life but the best part is this....

I have several brothers and sisters who still live in the Quad City area and thanks to Facebook, I finally got  to see what they look like. It is still very strange to me to think that there are so many questions I have that may not ever have answers.

The point I would like to make here is that although some people feel like social networks are stripping personalization and social skills away from human to human contact. I would have to agree...don't even get me started on text messaging. But in the case of my long lost dad.....Facebook changed my life and I plan on continuing my "creeping" sessions to expand knowledge of my potential family members. I may someday finally know what it is like to have sisters and more brothers. Had Facebook not brought my dad and I on the same page...I may have never known if he was still alive or not.

Save the media!


  1. Wow! It is amazing! I am so happy for you, that's truly the case when social media is blessing.

  2. Me too, Ashley, I'm very happy for you. Computer mediated communication CAN less the anxiety surrounding potentially awkward interactions. I hope the process of getting to know your biological father (and sisters and brothers) works out for the best...